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Document Scanning Service for Newcastle

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We haven’t quite reached paperless society status yet however there is a growing appreciation for why we need other kinds of record-keeping.

At Scan Express we’re the specialists in scanning and imaging services and we’ve heard all the stories that come with offices that are still reliant on paper…..

  • Tales of disaster when flood or fire strikes destroying all paper records.
  • Historic documents and images that have been lost forever when old stock has completely deteriorated.

Our Document Scanning Service for Newcastle will secure your documents for future use.

Cost effective Document Scanning Service for Newcastle businesses

Document Scanning Service for Newcastle

And an increasingly familiar story of businesses growing in size but physically not being able to accommodate new employees because precious office space is taken up with cabinets for plans and paper storage.

If your organisation is reliant on hard copy records of any kind – files, plans, documents, images etc – then let me tell you how we can help. At Scan Express we offer some very affordable solutions:

With our document scanning service for Newcastle we can scan almost any document – from standard paper files and folders; receipts up to large format images, such as builders’ plans and posters. And to make them fully accessible, we can create a searchable index, based on title, author, date, revision number etc, so that you can always find what you’re looking for.

Our services also extend to scanning photographs, photographic slides and books, and we can also scan microfilm records such as aperture cards – to allow the data to be easily accessed at any time.

Office real estate is expensive and should not be taken up by storage. Taking your storage offsite is expensive too and then there’s unquantifiable expense if records are lost or destroyed.

Like most businesses you have probably been looking for a solution for some time. Well now you’ve found it! Scan Express can provide a cost effective Document Scanning Service for Newcastle businesses.

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